Letters From Readers:

"I was just reminded of the greatest book I have ever read! I am not a reader but I have read this entire series, TWICE! Good News, there is a 4th book!! I gotta get my hands on this!! I just learned for some reason that Book One (Sunset Fire) is free on Kindle? This book is written by Renee Vincent & it is powerful enough to transport you right into ancient Ireland. I swear I could smell & taste everything. Book 1 is so amazing & powerful I made a SoulCollage card about it!! I am not a reader at all, Cliff notes all the way for me but THIS BOOK..... I'm not kidding when I tell you, you must read this masterpiece!!!" -- Kimee D.

"Just finished reading Longing For Langston, the prequel and Made For McKinley, Book #1. Can’t wait to read Falling For Forester, Book #2 when it comes out. I have read all your books so for and am very impressed. When I start one I can’t put it down till I finish it. You truly are a great author. I just love reading your books! Keep them coming.-- Ellie R.

"You know you have definitely touched a reader when they want to contact you for pulling every emotion from them while reading your book. What a roller coaster ride while reading Raeliksen. You had me from page one. Not only that, you had me smiling, laughing, and then crying being only 30% into the book! I cant read too many books like that because it took so much out of me. Not only that, I could not read the pages at the end because I was crying so much!! My husband thought something was wrong because I was alone downstairs using up a whole box of tissue. You would think the characters were THAT real !!!! I am a true avid Scottish historical fan, but thought what the hey, why not try one of Ms. Vincents Viking books. I'm so glad I did. I am getting ready to read the second book in the Trilogy, but before I did, I wanted to thank you again for a nice change. Of course any reader of the book would have loved a different outcome, but don't all love stories end up that way? You are the first Author that I had to commend and Thank You for allowing me the opportunity to read a truly beautiful book. I'm tearing up again just thinking about Daegan and how amazing his character affected me. Please continue to write because you have yet another FAN. If ever you have the need for anyone to "proof read" any of your upcoming books...........I would LOVE to!!!!!! I Thank you once again for writing such an inspirational, heart wrenching, emotional Love Story that will be read over and over.-- Riz L.

"I would like to commend you for your writing of The Emerald Isle Trilogy. I was so excited to read books two and three after the first one. Absolutely AMAZING!!! You gave me the chance to visit Ireland and the past with your writings, I laughed, cried, got excited,felt the LOVE of family and friends with your help.. I could actually feel the pain they felt, their losses of home, family and friends. The bonding that came from their hearts was amazing.. I will continue to read all your books,and tell everyone I know who loves to read or is beginning for the first time in a series, that these are books that will hold your heart, mind and thoughts from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing your heart, mind and thoughts with all of us. What an AMAZING author you are!!!!" -- Valerie

"Hi Renee! This is the first time I have ever contacted an author after reading her books. And trust me I am an avid reader of hundreds of books! I love historical romance and the Emerald Isle Trilogy blew me away! Of course I ate up the first two, but the last book took me by complete surprise! Never have I encountered such a brilliant ending. For Daegan and Mara to find each other again warmed my heart more than any other story ever. I have to say though, for Sorcha to appear in the last paragraphs was simply amazing! Quite possibly the happiest ending of all time! I cannot wait to read more from you. You just became my favorite writer ever! Thank you for kicking off my summer in grand fashion!" --Wenna H.

"Just read the first of your trilogy. Wow! Hooked. Just Brilliant. I visualized everything perfectly." -- Deanna H.

"Just finished reading Temperate Warrior. Gustav is such a MAN!! It did break my heart when he finally made it home only to find his Mother and two brothers passed away. I cried for him (but he was away 23 years). Thank goodness he had Aesa in his life. Then in the end a son. (wow) I couldn't put that dang book down, that's how good it was. When is the next one coming out? I'm tired now, I've finished my book so I can finally go to bed. Hurry up and get that next one published PLEASE!-- Connie H.

"Renee!!!! OMG!!!! Ok, so I just finished reading the Temperate Warrior! Now I'm totally in love with Gustaf!!! When's the sequel coming girl! I'm on pins and needles. I don't want the story to end. Can it be about Oyven? You are so talented. I love your style of writing. It grips me right from the beginning and then I can't put it down. Thank you!" -- Jen F.

"I just wanted to let you know that I read "The Start of Something Good" yesterday, took me only a few hours! It was such a fun and simple read...and now I'm dying to meet a "Joseph" of my own when I get better...he sounds very nice! It was also fun reading something based in our hometown, it was so easy to visualize her coffee shop and the apartment complex. I liked it a lot! I also thought the ending was too cute with the fortune = love!-- Lauren L.

"Hey Renee - I finished Temperate Warrior last night. Loved it. In fact, it made me late going to bed because I couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next in the Warriors series - might the hero/heroine possibly be Oyven and Helga? I really liked Oyven." -- Shirley J.

"I'm so glad I found your page! My passion is reading, I love books. When I find an author and like her style of writing, I tend to stay with her. I have several favorites authors, but I wish to discover new ones, to give them a chance, so your page seems perfect for this. You have lots of suggestions!" -- Nicole L.

"Hi, I am writing you for two things. The first is to find out if your book The Temperate Warrior is still on schedule for December 2012? The second is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Trilogy of The Emerald Isles. I read the first book and it only took me two nights to read it. I am 49 and it is the first time ever in my life that a book has made me cry, not a simple cry, but a very heartfelt cry which was with me for two days. Today I have finished reading Book two and again I shed tears, which I have never done in my life for reading a book. Daegan is such an outstanding character, I was so surprised to see that he out of all the characters is the one who has touched my soul. Tonight I will start book three. I went and looked you up and saw that you are going to write about Gustaf and I am so excited. Just wanted to take the time and let you know that I truly wanted to thank you for giving my life a little more than it is." -- Becky Mc.

"Today I read Silent Partner and I loved it. It hit close to home as my sister is deaf. It was an awesome book. I haven't ever read a romance that had a deaf person as the main character. I will be spreading the word about your book. Later today I will review in on Amazon & Goodreads. I just wanted to say thank you for giving people like my sister characters that they can relate to." -- Kaylyn D.

"I saw the start of your Warrior series coming in December. I'm excited. I read it on a newsletter (forgot which. I came right to your site when I read it!) After a year with my dad's illness and losing him a couple weeks ago, I had mostly read and it was so much comfort for me. Oh can you add me to your newsletter so I don't miss when WARRIOR comes out?" -- Cathie C.

"I stumbled upon your website today quite by accident. I was on Avid Reader's Haven for the first time and fell completely in love with the descriptions for your Emerald Isle Trilogy. I can't wait to read them! My husband is a big, blond Norseman with strong family ties still in Norway. I really can't wait to read about Leif! Looking forward to reading this trilogy!" -- Heather

"My husband bought me the second and third books of the trilogy :)) and on an especially overwhelming and frustrating day gave them to me..with the promise of some "me" time the following Saturday...no laundry, no chauffeuring, no commitments...just reading and getting lost in your stories. I thought then that I am a very blessed lady. I read them straight through, actually, I had to go back and reread the first one since it had been a couple of years... Today, my husband sent your next book (Silent Partner), some flowers, and a note that promised me another day of me time. Guess what I'll be doing?! Can hardly wait 'til Saturday!" -- Rebecca P.

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