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Are you wondering what others think of me and my romance novels before you spend your hard-earned money on my books? (I don't blame you.) Then read what some of them have to say on my Letters From Readers page. All are unsolicited letters of praise that I couldn't help but share with the world. To those who sent them, I offer my deepest gratitude. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to both read my books and send me a letter.

For Upcoming Appearances:
If you're wondering where I'll be in the next year and hoping you can meet me in person, or have your favorite book signed (awww, aren't you sweet) then head on over to my Upcoming Appearances & Signings page of my website. There you'll find the list of conferences I'll be attending/signing. And please, let me know which ones you've registered for—it would be the perfect time for a photo opp!


For The Viking Enthusiast:
I've written a few posts about the Northmen of the 10th Century, specifically those who landed on Ireland's shores and settled among the Irish people. If you're interested in these brave, ingenious group of people as I am, I encourage you to read Northmen vs Irish (10th Century) and Why Vikings As Heroes.